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Ellen Page steps up attack on Nova Scotia pulp mill’s effluent pipeline | CBC News

Hollywood actor Ellen Page is doubling down on her criticism of a Nova Scotia pulp mill that wants to build an effluent pipeline into the ocean. In a tweet this morning, the Halifax-born movie star said the provincial government must stop its “corporate welfare” for Northern Pulp, which Page said is “literally destroying the province.”


Ellen Page steps up attack on Nova Scotia pulp mill’s effluent pipeline

HALIFAX — Hollywood actor Ellen Page is doubling down on her criticism of a Nova Scotia pulp mill, rallying her 1.4 million Twitter followers against its plan to build an effluent pipeline into the ocean. “Nova Scotia government MUST stop its corporate welfare for company that is literally destroying the province,” the Halifax-born movie star tweeted Monday about the Northern Pulp mill.


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N.S. pulp mill takes legal action against fishermen’s blockade of survey work

HALIFAX — The Northern Pulp mill is taking legal action after fishermen blocked survey boats hired to examine a route for a contentious undersea effluent pipeline. Kathy Cloutier, a spokeswoman for Northern Pulp’s parent company Paper Excellence Canada, said the mill has initiated action seeking an interim injunction to prevent blockades or obstructions of the survey work in the Northumberland Strait.


Northern Pulp Mill sues fishermen

Northern Pulp Mill is suing seven named and various other unnamed fishermen who the company says have blockaded survey boats from conducting the surveys necessary to route a pipe from the mill into the Northumberland Strait.Named as defendants are Edwin Donald Shaw, Allan Francis MacCarthy, Ch


Containing Northern Pulp’s mess

The numbers are staggering.Over the past 51 years, the bleached kraft pulp mill on Abercrombie Point in Pictou County has piped about 1.25 trillion litres of toxic effluent into Boat Harbour.[1] That’s enough to fill about half a million Olympic-size swimmi




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N.S. government must consult Mi’kmaq on financing of effluent plant, court rules | CBC News

Justice Timothy Gabriel ruled if the province becomes a financial backer of Northern Pulp’s effluent treatment plant, that raises questions on whether the level of funding will mean “upgraded safeguards” in light of what the people of Pictou Landing First Nation have endured.



N.S. considering appeal of ruling on duty to consult Mi’kmaq in mill case

HALIFAX — Premier Stephen McNeil is hinting his government may appeal a court ruling that says the province must consult with a Mi’kmaq community about how public money is provided to the Northern Pulp mill’s effluent treatment plant. McNeil told reporters Tuesday his government is examining the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling and would “have more to say” on the matter.

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More senators join call for federal Northern Pulp review

Nineteen Canadian senators have signed a letter calling on the Trudeau government to order a full federal environmental assessment of the Northern Pulp plan to discharge treated effluent into the Northumberland Strait


Senators want full assessment of plan to dump mill effluent off Nova Scotia coast – iPolitics

A group of Independent senators is calling on the Trudeau government to do a full environmental assessment of a “dangerous” plan in Nova Scotia to take effluent from a pulp mill, pipe it 10 kilometres out into the Northumberland Strait, and dump it. In the Red Chamber on Monday, Sen.



Independent senators tell Trudeau to act on ‘dangerous’ Northern Pulp plan | CBC News

Mike Duffy is among four independent senators from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island demanding a full federal environmental assessment of the plan to release treated pulp mill effluent into the Northumberland Strait. The senators say Northern Pulp’s “dangerous project” could damage the fishery in the Maritime provinces and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands.


Maritime senators say Northern Pulp plan an ‘environmental disaster’

Opposition to a proposed effluent pipeline into the Northumberland Strait has moved from the shores of Pictou County to the Senate chamber. A group of independent senators, including Sen. Mike Duffy, call the plan “a potential environmental disaster.” Duffy spoke on behalf of himself and three other independent Maritime senators.


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Dirty Dealings, by Linda Pannozzo, Parts 1, 2 & 3.


Dirty Dealing

This once pristine tidal estuary, Boat Harbour has been used as an industrial waste lagoon for the Abercrombie pulp mill (now Northern Pulp) near Pictou for fifty years. Photo courtesy Dave Gunning.You could cut the tension in the room with a knife.Earlier this month a delega


Dirty Dealing

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request reveal that concern about the possibility that Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent treatment facility could result in eutrophication, or the creation of a dead zone in the Northumberland Strait, was raised early on by a senior official with


Dirty Dealing

In a study published in 2017, Dalhousie University researchers reported that air levels of three volatile organic compounds (VOCs) near the Abercrombie pulp mill in Pictou County exceeded cancer risk thresholds and “are of primary health concern in terms of population risk.”Over an eight-yea


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In Nova Scotia, a dispute between fishermen and a pulp mill escalates with a standoff at sea

October 25 Across from the fishing pier in Pictou, Nova Scotia, smokestacks pump out billowing clouds of white smoke that drift over the choppy water. The Northern Pulp mill sits on one side of the harbor, churning out pulp that’s used to make toilet paper and paper towels.

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‘Get out of here,’ fishermen tell crew on Northern Pulp survey boat | CBC News

After a confrontation on the water, a fleet of fishing boats escorted a vessel believed to be conducting survey work for Northern Pulp back to the harbour in Pictou, N.S., on Tuesday morning. Fisherman Allan MacCarthy was the first to reach the survey boat about three kilometres from Caribou, N.S.


Northern Pulp’s new proposal comes one day after effluent leak

Northern Pulp is proposing a new route for its controversial plan to pipe treated effluent into the Northumberland Strait. The idea comes the day after a leak was found in the current pipeline near Pictou Landing First Nation. First Nations leaders and fishing groups still say any pipeline is unacceptable, though.


‘I’m terrified nothing’s going to survive’: Pictou County man worried effluent has spread to his wetland property | The News

PICTOU LANDING, NS – There are few things William Rowsell enjoys more than strolling through his wetland property and being at one with nature. Except on Oct. 23. After returning from work, Rowsell picked up his newspaper and learned about a leak in the pipeline that carries effluent from Northern Pulp.

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Quotes from elected representatives on the proposed effluent pipe and the environmental assessment of the project. You be the judge.


PC Leadership candidates comment on Boat Harbour/Northern Pulp

Only Tim Houston has stated clear concerns about the EA process UPDATE Oct 26, 2018: Houston got the nod In Interviews conducted by the Chronicle Herald on Oct 24, 2018, candidates for the leadersh…


Trudeau leaving Northern Pulp’s Northumberland Strait pipe plans to provincial jurisdiction | The Register/Advertiser

SUTHERLAND’S RIVER, N.S. – Pictou Landing Chief Andrea Paul says she “felt a little defeated” by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to a question July 17 about whether the federal government would be willing to step in and


Lenore Zann, MLA Truro- Bible Hill, Millbrook, Salmon River. Posted on the Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill Facebook page, 10/22/2018.

For Immediate Release – TRURO: NDP Environment spokesperson Lenore Zann made the following statement in response to news of an effluent leak at Northern Pulp this weekend:

“News of any spill at an industrial site is concerning. The Liberal government needs to ensure that this weekend’s effluent leak is dealt with quickly and properly to avoid any additional impacts to the Pictou Landing community.

For months, we have heard serious concerns from fishers, Indigenous communities, tourism operators, and other community members about Northern Pulp’s future plans for effluent treatment. Given this spill, I am calling on the McNeil Liberals to support the growing call for a federal environment assessment for the new effluent treatment system.” #nopipe


Karla MacFarlane, Pictou County MLA & interim PC Leader. Taken from CBC News, PC leadership candidate calls for longer look at Northern Pulp’s effluent plan, Feb.2/18.

“It can be all done on land. And I think when you know better, you do better, and I will never, ever endorse a pipe going out into the strait,” MacFarlane told the fishermen, earning a round of applause.


Tim Houston, Pictou County MLA & PC leadership candidate. Taken from CBC News, PC leadership candidate calls for longer look at Northern Pulp’s effluent plan, Feb.2/18.

“I respectfully ask you to raise the bar on the environmental assessment process and get three independent experts to inform yourself and the community on the alternatives that can be considered,” Houston said in a Jan. 29 letter to Environment Minister Iain Rankin obtained by CBC News….

In his letter to Rankin, Houston said the proposed wastewater facility should undergo a Class 2 environmental assessment — a review that can take up to 275 days, compared with the 50-day review period, with 30 days set aside for public comment under the Class 1 assessment, which is currently scheduled.


John Lohr, Kings North MLA & PC leadership candidate. Taken from CBC News, PC leadership candidate says ‘paid protesters’ attended Northern Pulp pipe protest, July 17/18.

One of the candidates vying for the Nova Scotia PC leadership says “paid protesters” were among the hundreds of people who gathered in Pictou, N.S., earlier this month to rally against Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent pipe.

John Lohr, the MLA for Kings North, made the comments in a Facebook post on Saturday, saying “this is exactly what the radical eco-left wants. To shut down our jobs and put working class Nova Scotians out of a job.”

He added that if he becomes premier, he “won’t back down to a few paid protesters and lefties that are opposed to working class jobs.”


Tensions around Northern Pulp have local MP ‘deeply concerned’ | CBC News

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser says he’s ‘deeply concerned’ about what could happen in his riding as tensions continue to escalate around the Northern Pulp mill in Pictou County.


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P.E.I. politicians call on N.S. counterparts to hear concerns about Northern Pulp | CBC News

Members of a legislative committee on P.E.I. will be sending a letter to their Nova Scotia counterparts asking them to hear concerns being raised about the Northern Pulp project in Pictou, N.S. Representatives from the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association appeared Friday before the standing committee on agriculture and fisheries, giving MLAs an update on the project.

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UPDATE: Northern Pulp pipeline could harm herring spawning beds, say P.E.I. fishermen | The Guardian

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – A marine biologist working with the Island’s fisheries association says a proposed effluent pipeline in Pictou, N.S. could have negative impacts on already threatened fish and marine habitats in the Northumberland Strait. Speaking before the P.E.I. legislature’s standing committee on agriculture and fisheries on Friday, Melanie Giffin, who works with the P.E.I.

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