Media Coverage of Historic First Nations’ Call for 12 Year Moratorium

Here is a selection of the nation-wide coverage of the Alliance of Innu, Maliseet, and Mi’gmaq First Nations calling for their rights in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to be acknowledges and a 12 year moratorium on oil and gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


APTN – Indigenous leaders call for 12 year drilling moratorium in Gulf of Saint Lawrence

CBC News – Aboriginal groups want oil and gas moratorium in Gulf

CTV NewsLeaders Demand Protection

Global TV – Halifax Evening News (9:50 min.) – Innu, Maliseet, and Mi’gmaq Chiefs Call for Protection

Halifax Media Co-op – First Nations say no to oil exploration in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Huffington Post, Canada – Aboriginal groups want oil and gas moratorium in Gulf

Le Devoir – Les autochtones à la défense du golfe du Saint-Laurent

The Chronicle Herald – Chiefs seek 12-year gulf moratorium





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