Call To Action

Get a meeting with your MLA or MP. Face-to-face is best:

Please call and set up a meeting with your MLA or MP, of whatever party! They need to hear how important it is that our elected representatives stand up for the Gulf!

Talking points once you get a meeting:

·      Atlantic Canada has nothing to gain and everything to lose if a spill happens in the Gulf. ·      The Gulf is home to one of the most productive marine ecosystems on the planet where thousands of marine animals breed, spawn, nurse and migrate,  including commercially fished species like lobster, herring and crab. ·      The process for approving this project has left Gulf of St. Lawrence fishermen, tourism operators, waterfront property landowners, coastal communities, recreational users, maritime culture and precious ecosystems at great risk.

·      Now is the time to declare a moratorium in the Gulf.