Petition to Government of Canada

Below is a downloadable petition directed towards the federal government. You need a minimum of 25 signatures. It doesn’t take long to find 25 people who want to keep the Gulf free of oil rigs, so please take up the challenge and download a petition today! Mail it, postage free, to your MP in Ottawa.
St. Lawrence Moratorium Petition

Remember these guidelines:
1. A petition should contain signatures of residents of Canada only.

2. There is no minimum age requirement for anyone signing a petition.

3. Each petitioner must sign, not print, their name directly on the petition.

4. If a petitioner cannot sign because of illness or a disability, this must be noted on the petition and the note signed by a witness. Aside from this exception, you can only sign for yourself.

5. A petition must contain original signatures written directly on the document and not pasted, taped, photocopied or otherwise transferred to it.

6. No photocopies, scans, e-mails etc. as petitions are only admissible in hardcopy.

7. Mail your petition to your MP’s Ottawa address – no postage required.