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Collecting Personal Information
The purpose of our website is to educate and connect with the public about issues related to preserving the integrity of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. When you visit this site and access information, you are anonymous. We do not require you to provide personal information to view it.

However, when you join us we will ask for additional information. We do this to keep in touch with you through newsletters or email.

If you live in a province where Save Our Seas and Shores has a chapter group, your contact information will be shared with the chapter organizer in your province to keep in touch with you through newsletters or email about SOSS activities in your province. Otherwise your information will not be sold or shared with outside entities including advertisers or other groups.

Policy Updates and Changes

Changes may occur without warning and they will be reflected on this page.


To provide users with more information on various issues, we often provide links to third-party websites. However, we do not control those websites or necessarily endorse their viewpoints.

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