TVO airs “Saving Oceans” on July 16 and 21st with Mary Gorman and Farley Mowat

MERIGOMISH – A local woman who had dedicated her efforts to keeping ocean water clean will be featured in a national TV series, Green Heroes.

Mary Gorman of Merigomish, who is also an active member of the Save Our Seas Coalition, will have her story aired Tuesday, July 16 at 7:30 and Sunday, July 21 at 8:30 p.m. on TVO.

The show will be repeated several times after the initial broadcast that is entitled Saving Oceans.  Produced by CineFocus Canada in association with TVO, the six 30-minute series tell stories of people who acted on their ideas and heroically “ventured forth” to protect our planet. From the celebrity to the everyday person, each story details the different paths and interests the Green Heroes have taken in their quests to help save the world.

According to the Green Heroes website, Gorman is described as a woman trying to stop a disaster before it starts: Canada’s own Gulf Oil Spill. Twelve years ago, she turned from fisherman’s wife to Green Heroes after two leases were issued for oil and gas development on the shores of her Nova Scotia home. Knowing spills were likely and would impact 2,000 marine species including endangered ones, Gorman decided to prevent a disaster instead of reacting later. Today she has formed a growing movement with support from celebrities like Ethan Hawke and Jason Priestley. Her struggle and resulting victory led to her winning the inaugural Green Heroes award, as selected by fans of the web channel and a jury of esteemed environmental and broadcast judges.

In addition to Gorman, the Saving Oceans episode will also feature Farley Mowat and Alexandra Cousteau. Mowat is one of Canada’s most widely read authors and best-known conservationists. He is also an active supporter of such groups as Sea Shepherd and Gorman’s mission to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Cousteau is a filmmaker and TV host who has mastered a storytelling tradition to inspire and empower individuals to project not only the ocean and its inhabitants, but also the human communities that rely on freshwater resources.

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We need your help. Please sign Sierra Club Canada’s letter and share this message to get our leaders to finally hear the deafening blasts that whales endure every single minute of every day when seismic blasting is happening.

A national and grassroots non-profit organization committed to protecting our environment, communities, and future

Eliza Knockwood, Ethan Hawke, Gretchen Fitzgerald & Mary Gorman

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The public will not be allowed to know whether a federal environmental assessment was recommended for Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent treatment plant before it is a moot point. According to the legislation governing it, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency had 45 days from Northern Pulp’s Jan.


The Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Canada is rapidly losing oxygen, declining by as much as 55 percent in some spots since the 1930s – compared to a 2 percent drop globally. Now, new research has found that the region’s dramatic oxygen decline is due largely to climate change and shifts in the major ocean currents that feed the gulf.


A short documentary narrated by the four-time Academy Award nominee called The Vanishing Call of the Right Whale was unveiled Tuesday in Halifax. Environmentalists are using the documentary to pressure politicians to ban seismic blasting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the whales spend the summer.


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HALIFAX-Ellen Page is putting her full support behind water protectors at the Alton Gas site. Page, a Hollywood actress who is from Halifax, along with filmmaker Ian Daniel, visited grassroots grandmothers at the Shubenacadie River on Saturday to work on what is said to be a documentary about environmental racism.

Thanking the indomitable Ellen Page for her courage and support in raising awareness regarding #NOPIPE, Alton Gas and ongoing environmental racism issue in Nova Scotia

. Ellen Page and Mary Gorman of Save Our Seas and Shores NS.

This is a Federal Environmental Assessment for Boat Harbour, however we are still waiting for one on the new proposed pipe into the Northumberland Strait.


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